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Wolf News – May 2019

Date: June 5, 2019 | Categories: sir james whitney | Tags: newsletter

Principal’s Message

Greetings from the desk of Principal Janice DrakeOur days continue to be busy and filled with many exciting learning opportunities in our classrooms and learning spaces, on field trips and during special events. At this time of year, it is exciting to see how all of our students have grown. They are so proud of their accomplishments. We thank you for your ongoing support and for being an important member of our team.

Education Week at SJW was focused on the “Game of Life”.  The focus of the Game of Life is related to financial literacy,  it has applications to many other areas such as critical thinking, using 21st Century technology, exposure to life that often occurs after graduating from high school (and/or a post-secondary program). etc.  I thanked the SJW team to organize this special week events. More details about this are in this newsletter.

During the second week of May, we had our student led-conferences including our students’ accomplishments and performance and to set goals for their future learning. The student-led conference included the student, family members, teacher/EA and School Board representative—replaces the traditional parent-teacher conference, giving the student ownership over presenting his or her work and setting goals for future growth. Student-led conferences according to the MInistry’s Creating Pathways to Success: An Education and Career/Life Planning Program for Ontario Schools, exist on a continuum from students being present at the conference to students leading every element of the conference.  Ideally, the student speaks for the majority of the conference, curates his or her work in a portfolio, and reflects on data from the work and standardized measures. I received many positive comments from students/parents/school board representatives that the conferences open students’ eyes to what they really learned as well as their view on a larger scale, and their perspective for making a plan for themselves and their learning starting in their kindergarten year!

The last day of May, a day before June began, there was a special event held by the Kindergarten and Grade One classes who have been working tirelessly in our Learning Garden on our SJW campus. They were proud to share the opening of this special learning space with us. June Rogers, our PDSBDirector and Jeanne Leonard, our Superintendent joined us,  and Farmer Max Valyear and Farmer Derek Fullerton were ones to guide them how to garden.  I thanked Laurie Gashinski, Elizabeth Carr, Arleigh Tamlin and Amy Power to make this happen related to Ontario Outdoor Education. I am looking forward to learning more from them in June. More information about our SJW Learning Garden will be in the next newsletter.

Principal Janice Drake

There are many more events so you will continue to read about many educational events in this newsletter.  Enjoy reading!  Before I let you read, I would like to emphasize how important student attendance is to me because it makes a difference in their learning! June events and wrap-ups will keep them engaged and continue their progress with ongoing learning!

Principal Janice Drake

ASL News

ASL literacy night flyer

See you tomorrow!!!

We will continue to sell t-shirts and accept donations at the event.


10TH Annual ASL Literary Night Gala
June 6, 2019 from 6pm to 8pm
Sir James Whitney School – Auditorium

Featuring Samuel Supalla, PH.D.
A filmmaker and a linguist notable for his storytelling performances in ASL and particularly for his narrative in The American Literature Series: For a Decent Living.

Semi-Formal evening includes:
Students’ performance, Sam Supalla’s performance, Door prizes, Silent Auction, De’VIA Art Gallery and Refreshments

Visit our website for more information and support our fundraising initiatives.

ASL – English Interpreters will be provided
Admission by Donations Appreciated

Education Corner

Odyssey Magazine published by Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center.

It’s an excellent magazine focused on ASL Education of Deaf and Hard of Hearing children as well as Deaf and Hard of hearing children with special needs.

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The 2014 issue of Odyssey highlighted High Expectations for All: Their Importance and Influence

20 articles from 34 authors represent a broad spectrum of perspectives on the lives of deaf and hard of hearing children.

Article Topics

New Issue of Odyssey Magazine 2019 is focused on Parent-School Advocacy

Education Week

May 6-10, 2019

John Tinney

May 10, 2019

A Special Olympic swimmer was invited to come in and show off his metals.  John Tinney went to the Special Olympic World Games in Dhabi earlier this year.  He won Gold with his relay team and Silver in the 200m free style.  Our students were eager to ask many question and each were able to hold the Gold and Silver metals.

This was inspiring for our students who recently participated in the Provincial Swim Meet in Brantford this year.  Sir James Whitney and Sagonaska team came in 2nd overall and Won the Spirit Award!!!

Congratulations to all!!!!

Laugh Olympics

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Optimist Competition

Winners of the optimist competition

Winners of the optimist competitionAnd the Winner is Mahmoud! Our very own grade 12 student won the Annual Provincial Optimist Communication Contest on Wednesday, May 29th. He is the successful receipt of the $2,500 scholarship. The competition took place in SJW’s auditorium. This year we had 12 presenters total from Our school as well as from Ernest C. Drury School for the Deaf.

Congratulations to Jasmina and Vaylena who tied fist in the JR division. Speeches were passionate and inspired! In the senior division, hats off to Bhanu, Raine, Emma, and Daniel James who braved the stage and demonstrated the ability to navigate between optimism and reality and deliver thought provoking speeches! Good job! Next year, the competition will be held in Milton during YCTD.

SJW Residence

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OSD-SJW Archives

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Upcoming Events

June 2019

  • June 6: 10th Annual ASL Literary Night Gala
  • June 10: Samuel Greene Day
  • June 13: National Indigenous Day
  • June 20-24: High School Exams
  • June 25: Elementary Graduation & Awards
  • June 26: High School Graduation & Awards