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In Touch – December 2020

Date: December 1, 2020 | Categories: amethyst | Tags: newsletter

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Mrs. Sherry Eacrett (Residence Manager)
Mr. Sean Gregory (Principal)

Happy Holidays

The hallways and classrooms are filled with the excitement of the season as
we wind our way through the remaining 3 weeks of the 2020 school year. The month of December at Amethyst will be filled with many school and residence activities leading up to our final day on Thursday, December 17th. Parents are reminded to review the information coming home within this newsletter along with other items from teachers/counsellors to ensure you don’t miss anything.

Melting snowman

*Reminder – Our first day back of the new year is Monday, January 4th, 2021.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a new year filled with
peace and happiness!

November Congratulations to

Tyler, Nicholas & our Remembrance Day Readers for receiving our Wow Belt Award
Mrs. Clifford’s Math Class, Mr. Gallo’s Class, Chris, & Trey for receiving our Growth Mindset Award
Shoshanna, Bronson, & Jasmine for receiving our GRIT Award (Golden Boots)
Charles, Ava, Renee, & Ms. Dalzell’s Class for receiving the Golden Headset Award (Technology)

Professional Activity Day (Dec. 18)

Reminder – Parents please note that Friday, December 18th is a Professional Activity Day for the Amethyst School. There will be no classes for students on this day.

Residence Team Update

Our Residence character focus for the month of December is KINDNESS!

Welcome to the month of December! We have some festive items happening this month for both the residence and the day students. On December 8th we will be having a Festive Holiday Dinner with the “Week B” students and on December 15th we will be having the Festive dinner for the “Week A” students. Once students have completed their homework we have lots of Christmas themed activities planned between 4:30 – 5:00 pm for the students such as; Christmas word activities, Christmas trivia, Christmas crafts, Christmas scavenger hunts.

Please Note: Everything needs to go home with students over the Christmas holidays, this includes; clothes, bedding, toiletries and personal items etc. They can keep their tote bins here as long as they are empty and they can store large/bulky items such as fans/humidifiers in their closets. They may also keep posters/signs on their walls. Our wonderful cleaning staff does a major clean of every room over the holidays to help your child be healthy and safe (also gives some a chance to wash their sheets!). If you have any questions or concerns about this, please feel free to contact your child’s primary counsellor, team lead, or residential manager.

We look forward to another successful month supporting our students to be successful academically and socially with a little bit of festive fun!!

Amethyst Residence Team

School Council Corner

Thank you for your generous support of our DSF fundraiser this year. Orders will be in prior to Christmas and sent home with students. Please contact the main office with any questions.

Please join us for our next School Council meeting on Tuesday, February 9th (5:30 pm) via ZOOM. Please RSVP with Janet Harju if you are planning on attending.

On behalf of our School Council, we wish each of you are very safe
and enjoyable Holiday Season!

Student Health Services

Student Health Services (SHS) will be sending all student prescription medications home for the holidays on December 17th.

Please send back required supply/dose of medication upon return on January 4, 2021.

If there are any questions, contact Student Health Services between now and December 17th at Ext. 1268.

Thank you!

Susan Tasker (Nurse Supervisor – SHS)

Winter Transportation

During situations of severe weather, we may need to schedule earlier departures from school for safety reasons. In these instances, the bus companies will try to reach you by phone to inform you that your child will be arriving home early. It is very important that the bus company has the most up-to-date contact information to reach you at so they can connect with you as quickly as possible.

Additionally, it is also important for the bus company to know if your child will not be taking the bus to or from school on any given travel day. Contact numbers are listed below:

  • Murphy Bus Lines (London) – (519) 660-8200 (Phyllis), Twitter: @MurphyBus
  • Murphy Bus Lines (Lucan) – (519) 227-4427
  • Voyageur – (519) 455-4580
  • (GEDSB) Brant Taxi – (519) 751-7532 Ext. 1
  • Sharp – (519) 751-3434
  • First Student (Sarnia) – (519) 336-0077


Extended Day Students:

  • Please ensure you have registered to receive daily notifications and alerts regarding your child’s route.
  • Please note the phone number for your child’s route in the event you need to cancel your daily pick-up/drop-off.

Residence Students:

  • Bus Drivers will call you if they are delayed or cancelled; No call would indicate that the route is intending to start on time. (Website –
  • We will post delayed or cancelled routes on Facebook (Murphy Bus Lines) and Twitter.

Should you require additional assistance, contact or call (519) 453-4400 #1210.

Social Work Corner

We recently recognized Bullying Awareness & Prevention Week (Nov. 16-20) at Amethyst with daily announcements, classroom activities and presentations. Classroom presentations focussed on the definition of bullying, types of bullying, bullying versus conflict, and methods to address bullying. Here were some of our take-aways:

Definition of Bullying

The Education Act defines bullying as an aggressive behaviour that is repeated over time. This behaviour involves a power imbalance between the student that is engaging in bullying and the student being bullied. These behaviours cause harm, whether actual or perceived, and create an unsafe environment for both the targeted students and bystanders.

Types of Bullying

  • Physical (hitting, punching) – This type of bullying should not be repeated. Students are aware they should advise adults immediately after the first threat or incident.
  • Verbal (yelling, name calling)
  • Social (excluding individuals, starting rumors)
  • Written (rude messages written on lockers or bathroom stalls)
  • Electronic (cyberbullying; hurtful comments, memes, or messages; inappropriate use of a personal image(s) without the permission of the owner or individuals in the photo)

Bullying versus Conflict

The students had an opportunity to compare bullying and conflict in various scenarios using the table below:

Power ImbalanceArgument between 2+ people
One side expresses unkind feelingsDisagreement, both or all sides express feelings
Repeated over timeMay not happen often
Feeling unsafe/threatenedHurt feelings
Always tell an adultCan be resolved together

Examples such as sibling disagreements were explained as conflict; whereas continued/overt exclusion of a peer is considered bullying. Although it is a hope that we can successfully work through conflict with our peers, students are always encouraged to seek adult assistance if needed for conflict resolution and friendship restoration.

Ways to Respond to Bullying

“Stop, Block and Tell!”

Students are encouraged to learn about ways they are able to report bullying at their home school, be it their own bullying experience or a witnessed incident. This may include an anonymous reporting system, speaking with a trusted member of staff, or reaching out to their parents. If bullying is occurring electronically, students are advised to “Stop-Block-Tell”. We stop the behaviour by reporting the comments and deleting them, blocking them from that social media account, and telling an adult as soon as possible.

Please remember to always tell you children: telling an adult is not tattling. Tattling is an attempt to get a peer into trouble. Telling is a means of keeping a peer out of trouble. Bullying is a behaviour; the sooner we can help a student discontinue this behaviour, the sooner we can start anew with a positive educational experience.

Melissa Baidoobonso (Amethyst Social Worker)