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In Touch – February 2021

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1515 Cheapside Street
London, Ontario, N5V 3N9
Tel. (519) 453-4400 / 1-866-640-0044
Fax (519) 453-4193
Twitter: @AmethystSchool
Mrs. Sherry Eacrett (Residence Manager)
Mr. Sean Gregory (Principal)

Dates to Remember

  • Secondary Exam Week (Feb. 1-5)
  • Mon. Feb. 8 – Tr. 2/Semester 2 Begins
  • Tue. Feb. 9 – School Council (5:30 pm)
  • Fri. Feb. 12 – Report Cards Go Home
  • Mon. Feb. 15 – Family Day (No Classes)

Term 1/Semester 1 Report Cards

First term/semester Report Cards for both our elementary and secondary students will be sent home on Friday, February 12th.

Enclosed will also be an Individual Education Plan (IEP) consultation form for parents. Please complete and return to homeroom teachers. Term 2 IEPS will be sent home on Thursday, March 11th.

Congratulations To

Parker, Shoshanna & Ms. Dalzell’s Classroom for receiving our Growth Mindset Award
Aidan, Sarah, Mrs. Thiel & Mrs. Clifford’s Classes for receiving our Wow Belt Award
Mason, Brayden, Tanner, Chyann & MFM 1P students for receiving our GRIT Award (Golden Boots)
Mrs. Flesaru’s Class, Sofia, & Mackenzie for receiving our Technology Award (Golden Headset)

High School Registrations (September 2021)

Registrations for the coming school year are in the initial stages in many district school boards. Please review the information below and contact your local high school for registration information.

GRADE 8 Students

If your child is going into Grade 9 in September 2021, please contact your local high school this week. Many schools have scheduled virtual parent sessions to explain the process and answer questions you may have. We advise you to contact the school guidance department and make an appointment to discuss registration and course selections. Please refer to the course recommendation form you received prior to the Christmas break. Contact your child’s teacher or our Resource Consultant, Mrs. Bonnie Grace, should you have any questions (ext. #1539).

GRADE 9 & 10 Students

Please remember to contact your home secondary school at this time to begin the registration process for September 2021.

Social Work Corner

Hello Amethyst!

School Mental Health Ontario (SMHO) recently released resources to support and emphasize a focus on student mental health during Covid-19. SMHO is a provincial implementation support team that assists school districts enhance student mental health services. Below are a few resources and tips to help promote, support, and encourage Mental Health awareness and intervention, using the Student Mental Health Action Kit created by SMHO. Please visit for further details.

Three Key Points for Student Mental Health:

  1. Promote wellness during challenging times
  2. Support mental health learning
  3. Encourage early help-seeking when mental health problems arise
  1. Promote Wellness During Challenging Times
  • Notice the little things
    • “Peaks and Valleys”:
    • What didn’t go so well today? What did go well today, no matter how small?
    • Can be a part of the dinner conversation at home, as a follow-up to asking, “How was school?”
  • Practice stretching and deep breathing throughout the day

2. Supporting Student Mental Health Learning

  • Staying Well (e.g. doing things you enjoy, make someone smile)
  • Social-Emotional Learning (stress management and coping)
  • Healthy Relationship Skills (e.g., conflict resolution)

3. Encouraging Early Help-Seeking when Mental Health Problems Arise

  • Identify adults that you trust and warning signs that you may need a bit of extra help:
    • Have I had more bad days than good days?
    • Are my thoughts, emotions, or actions affecting my everyday life?
    • Have I been feeling this way for a while?
    • Are my problems getting too big to handle alone?

REMEMBER – Know how to access your School Social Worker (tell a teacher or email directly!)

Melissa Baidoobonso (Amethyst Social Worker)

Residence Team Update

Our Residence character focus for the month of February is Respect.

The first month of the New Year has come and gone already! While we were not able to physically be back together in residence, we have made the most of the situation and have made great connections and progress virtually.

The secondary students have been working extremely hard this January preparing for exams. The secondary teachers created a clear schedule to assist the students and their exam preparation. The residence team opened a virtual study hall based on classes in the evenings 6:30 – 7:30 pm prior to exams, and our students used their time wisely to prepare with counsellors. It has been great to see the hard work and dedication shown in preparation for the end of the semester. Way to go Secondary students!

Since January 4th when students and counsellors returned to our new virtual world we have been hard at work connecting with the students and providing support. We have homework support every Monday to Friday from 3:00 – 5:00 pm where students can check in with counsellors and receive help/support with homework just as they would in school. We have also started “dorm parties” where students can drop in online to a virtual hangout with their specific dorm mates! It has been so nice to see the students socializing and laughing together. We started up an Elementary Activity Room (EAR) for Grades 6-8 students on Tuesdays and Thursday from 4:30 – 5:00 pm where there will be an activity each day run by a counsellor. Secondary Activity Room will begin after exam week.

In February, we look forward to continuing our hard work and progress both academically and socially whether we continue to be virtual or we are together again in the building. Within the residence, we will continue to support each student to the best of our ability so that they are able to reach their full potential. As always, if there is anything more that we can do to help support your child, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your primary counsellor. Have a great February!

Amethyst Residence Team

Family Day Holiday (February 15th)

As a reminder, Monday, February 15th is the Family Day statutory holiday and therefore there will be no classes for students on this day. Enjoy the day with your family!

School Council Corner

Join us for our next School Council meeting on Tuesday, February 9th (5:30 pm) on Zoom. Please RSVP with Janet Harju if you are planning on attending.

Technology Update

Top 7 Internet Tips for a Weak Connection

  1. Contact your internet provider so they can check the quality of your connection and your in home setup, including updating the router if required.
  2. Ensure you are close to the router and it is positioned off the floor with no electronics near it that could interfere with the WiFi signal.
  3. Power-cycle the router by unplugging it for 30 seconds and plugging it back in.
  4. Use an Ethernet cable to connect instead of using WiFi, if possible.
  5. Check your device is up to date.
  6. Reduce the amount of resources being used by closing additional tabs/apps and turn off video conferencing background effects.
  7. Reduce your Google Meet video resolution.

Miss Katie Guild (Amethyst Assistive Technology Advisor)

TO REPORT YOUR CHILD’S ABSENCE , PLEASE EMAIL US AT or call (519) 453-4408 (ext. # 1527).