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In Touch – March 2021

Date: March 3, 2021 | Categories: amethyst | Tags: newsletter

1515 Cheapside Street
London, Ontario, N5V 3N9
Tel. (519) 453-4400 / 1-866-640-0044
Fax (519) 453-4193
Twitter: @AmethystSchool
Mrs. Sherry Eacrett (Residence Manager)
Mr. Sean Gregory (Principal)

Dates to Remember

  • Fri. March 12 – PA Day (No Classes)
  • Tue. March 23 – Tech Tip Session (6 pm)
  • Fri. April 2 – Good Friday (No Classes)
  • Mon. April 5 – Easter Monday (No Classes)
  • Spring Break (Week of April 12-16, 2021)

March Update

Covid-19 Student Self-Screener – A reminder that all students are required to complete the screener daily before coming to school. Secondary students are required to show that they have passed the screener to their teacher at the beginning of each school day.

Please click –

Transition Meetings – We are beginning the process of scheduling meetings for our Spring transition meetings. Parents will be notified of their child’s meeting time once they have been confirmed with our local school boards.
Transition meetings review student progress, IEP information and school-year growth as well as course selections for students planning on attending high school. Parents are required to attend and meetings are scheduled during the day based on the availability of school board staff.

**March Break ** – As a reminder, our spring break has been rescheduled to the week of April 12-16. Our school will be closed during this time for all staff and students.

Congratulations To

Issy, Darren, & Katie for receiving our Growth Mindset Award
Myles & Sarah for receiving our Wow Belt Award
Renee, Conner, & Griffin for receiving our GRIT Award (Golden Boots)
Luke & Joe for receiving our Technology Award (Golden Headset)

Professional Activity Day

Reminder – Parents please note that Friday, March 12th is a Professional Activity Day for the Amethyst School. Our school staff will be involved in professional learning activities. There will be no classes for students on this day.

Term 2 IEPs

Parents – Term 2 Individual Education Plans (IEPs) will be sent home on Thursday, March 11th. Once you have reviewed the IEP, please sign and return one copy. The other is for your records. Please contact your teacher should you have any questions.

Residence Team Update

Our Residence character focus for the month of March is Responsibility.

Bring on the Spring!! Although February was a cold and snowy month it has flown by and we are looking forward to some warmer weather in March. During the month of February, our staff and students have been settling back into in person learning. The students have been taking full advantage of the snow and have spent some time outside making snowman and forts. The students have been enjoying their activities after homework such as painting, scavenger hunts, activities, and making use of our games area where they can play pool and air hockey. In the evening, students have been making use of the gym and rec areas regularly as well as games and crafts together in dorm.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s primary counsellor with any questions or concerns.

Amethyst Residence Team

School Council Corner

Join us for our next School Council meeting on Tuesday, April 27th (5:30 pm) on Zoom. Please RSVP with Janet Harju if you are planning on attending.

Student Leaders’ Council

For term 2 we have introduced our student Leaders’ Council for our elementary and secondary panels. This group meets monthly with Ms. Dalzell through a virtual platform. Our goal with this student leadership group is an opportunity to develop leadership skills through:

  • Brainstorming ideas that reflect their class’ interests.
  • Leading by example through participation and engagement.
  • Organizing Covid-19 activities that are student/staff safe.
  • To develop a supportive and inclusive environment where all students feel valued and included.

Thank you to the following students for participating in our Amethyst Leaders’ Council:

  • Rowen W.
  • Parker R.
  • Sarah P.
  • Connor H.
  • Tyler F.
  • Nicholas H.
  • Jon L.
  • Drew B.
  • Mylee W.
  • Tanner G.
  • Aidan ZS.
  • Makenzie K.
  • Issy R.
  • Cameron L.
  • Chris L.
  • Denny M.
  • Griffin W.
  • Darren S.
  • Reid G./Logan B.
  • Alex M./Lilly B.
  • Carrick C./George B.

Lexia Reading Program – Powerup

We would like to acknowledge the following Amethyst students who have completed the Lexia Core5 Reading program and moved on to Lexia PowerUp. Congratulations on all you hard work, extra time and perseverance!

  • Logan B.
  • Olivia H.
  • Alex M.
  • Drew B.
  • Jasmine B.
  • Nicholas H.
  • Charles S.
  • Sarah P.
  • Bronson B.
  • Sydney B.
  • Tanner G.
  • DJ C.
  • Brock M.
  • Katie PG.
  • Parker R.
  • Kaylup S.
  • Rowen W.
  • Dakota BM.
  • Nathan G.
  • Denny M.
  • Shoshanna R.
  • Griffin W.

OYAP Presentation

On Monday, May 3rd at 5:30 pm (virtually) we will have representatives from both London school boards (LDCSB and TVDSB) to share with students and parents information about the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP). This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the options, timelines and benefits of this program for students. Never to early to plan for your future! Please RSVP with Janet Harju if you are planning on attending.

For more information visit –

TO REPORT YOUR CHILD’S ABSENCE , PLEASE EMAIL US AT or call (519) 453-4408 (ext. # 1527).