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In Touch – April 2021

Date: April 7, 2021 | Categories: amethyst | Tags: newsletter

1515 Cheapside Street
London, Ontario, N5V 3N9
Tel. (519) 453-4400 / 1-866-640-0044
Fax (519) 453-4193
Twitter: @AmethystSchool
Mrs. Sherry Eacrett (Residence Manager)
Mr. Sean Gregory (Principal)

Dates to Remember

  • Fri. April 2 – Good Friday (No Classes)
  • Mon. April 5 – Easter Monday (No Classes)
  • Tue. April 6 – Parent Session (6 pm)
  • Thu. April 8 – OSSLT (Gr. 10s)
  • Spring Break (Week of April 12-16)
  • Tue. April 27 – School Council (5:30 pm)

April Update

Spring Break Holiday – As a reminder, the school will be closed for the break from April 12th-16th. Amethyst will be closed during this time for all staff and students. Please ensure your child takes home their school and residence
items for the break. Classes will resume on Monday, April 19th.

Covid-19 Student Self-Screener – A reminder that all students are required to complete the screener daily before coming to school. Secondary students are required to show that they have passed the screener to their teacher at the beginning of each school day. Please click –

Congratulations To

Alex, Connor, & Mr. Quenneville’s Class for receiving our Growth Mindset Award
Reid, Mrs. Clifford’s Class & Mrs. Vincent’s Leadership Class for receiving our Wow Belt Award
Ashton, Mason, Justin, & Cameron for receiving our GRIT Award (Golden Boots)
Ethan, Brayden, & Mrs. Spence’s Geography Class for receiving our Technology Award (Golden Headset)

OYAP Presentation

On Monday, May 3rd at 5:30 pm (virtually) we will have representatives from both London school boards (LDCSB and TVDSB) to share with students and parents information about the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP). This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the options, timelines and benefits of this program for students. Never to early to plan for your future! Please RSVP with Janet Harju if you are planning on attending.

For more information visit –

Residence Team Update

Our Residence character focus for the month of April is Honesty. Counsellors will be incorporating this trait into
our residence and after school program. Additionally, counsellors will be creating social skills lessons to include the
“Honesty” character in our learning.

We kept ourselves busy this month in residence. Eagles Den had a Bob Ross themed art night which the students
enjoyed and the paintings turned out amazing. The Loft has been making bead ironing crafts, they are really
focused on these, and seem to enjoy socializing while completing the crafts. Shark Tank has been loving pickle ball,
soccer and outside games. District 8 has been preparing crafts that include canvas sewing and painted glass. We
have also been busy during our activity time after homework. We have classes working on creative projects, art,
Pictionary, scavenger hunts, gaga ball, tennis and outdoor activities.

To celebrate Easter this month counsellors are running an Easter Egg Hunt outdoors for all students. The Easter
Egg Hunt will take place after homework so all students can participate! Happy Easter to all Amethyst families.
We have started to get some warmer weather and have been able to spend time outside. A reminder to please
take home some of the winter clothes and boots and send in some weather appropriate attire for the months
ahead. A pair of outdoor shoes are always encouraged, if possible, so that we try and keep our school and
Residence clean. As always, please let your child’s primary counsellor know if you have any questions or concerns.

Amethyst Residence Team

Student Health Services

Student Health Services (SHS) will be sending all student prescription medications home for the Spring Break on
Friday, April 9th. Please send back required supply/dose of medication upon return on Monday, April 19th.

If there are any questions, contact Student Health Services.

Susan Tasker (Nurse Supervisor – SHS)

School Council Corner

Join us for our next School Council meeting on Tuesday, April 27th (5:30 pm) on Zoom. Please RSVP with Janet
Harju if you are planning on attending

Secondary Update (GPP 30)

March Madness – Leadership Classes

March was a busy month for the Period 1 Leadership class! First, we organized the St. Patrick’s Day theme Candy Gram Event. We had to market the event (emails home, bulletin board, class and morning announcements), organized a system for students to order and pay, decide on the contents of the bags, package candy, and deliver the Candy Grams. (The other leadership class helped with the packaging!) We had to do all of this, keeping in mind our distancing rules!

We also lucked out the day the Candy Grams were delivered! Mrs. Dalzall’s Leadership Council organized a “Green Day” spirit event as well!

As soon as we finished this activity we started organizing an Elementary Fitness Activity with the other Leadership class. We had to create a 100 square Snakes and Ladders game board (50 squares per class). We also had to design rules that would work in a gym, add a fitness component, and still work with the other leadership class and meet course expectations. Even though our classes still need to continue to work on communication and group dynamic skills, we all managed to create a successful event. We used brainstorming, teamwork, and team building skills throughout this event showing we are ready to take on new challenges.

Throughout the month of April we will continue to work on our communication and group dynamic skills and we will start learning about the event planning process. We are also looking at what our individual strengths are when it comes to leading. Both classes are hoping to run more events in May! Starting with another Candy Gram Event (organized by the period 2 leadership), and a Tie-Dye T-shirt Day.

Students from Group A Leadership Class