Ministry of Education
Provincial and Demonstration Schools Branch


There are no known cases to report at this time.

COVID-19 cases in Ontario schools

Learn about coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in Ontario schools and what happens if an outbreak is confirmed at your school. Data is published weekdays at 10:30 a.m.

Summary of cases in provincial and demonstration schools

There are no known cases to report at this time.

SchoolConfirmed Student CasesConfirmed Staff CasesClass ClosureResidential ClosureSchool Closure
Amethyst Demonstration School00000
Ernest C. Drury School for the Deaf00000
Robarts School for the Deaf00000
Sagonaska Demonstration School00000
Sir James Whitney School for the Deaf00000
Trillium Demonstration School00000
W. Ross Macdonald School for the Blind00000

COVID-19 school screening

You must screen for COVID-19 every day before going to school.

Answer the following questions to help you decide if you should or should not go to school today.

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