Ministry of Education
Provincial and Demonstration Schools Branch

Preschool Services

Vision Resource Services and Outreach Programs provide support for children at least two years of age who are potential braille users.

  • Services are offered only to the MCYS Blind Low Vision Program.
  • A referral form will be completed and sent to WRMS via email to
  • Children should be seen as soon as possible to:
    • Confirm identification.
    • To confer with the ECVC and the child’s family about programming suggestion for all areas of development that may affect the learning of braille and numeracy.
    • To provide any needed programming suggestions, materials, etc.
  • Visits will take place in licensed daycare settings, visits cannot take place in the family home. Alternative public settings can be arranged by the ECVC and/or family.
  • A report will follow the initial visit; this report will be made available to the referring person with a copy to share with parents.
  • Ongoing services will take place on a regular basis, however this can be flexible, and decided on an individual basis, dependent on need.
  • Ongoing services are considered visits, phone calls, teleconferencing, attending a team meeting, etc.
  • Ongoing services are generally consultative and should provide objectives and related activities for goals suggested in the assessment report.
  • Visits will be in conjunction with the ECVC.
  • Reports will include braille literacy and braille math goals.
  • A transition report will be done in the spring before the child enters school.
  • Once the child enters school the referral process for the school based resource services will begin with visits being requested from the child’s home school.
  • If a referral is received in the spring from the BLV program for a child who will be entering school the following fall then the visit should be considered transition only and a transition report is written.

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Preschool Transition

Vision Resource Services and Outreach Programs also provides transitions for children who have low vision (and are not potential braille users), and are entering school for the first time.

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