Ministry of Education
Provincial and Demonstration Schools Branch

Consultation and Program Design Services

The Resource Services – Outreach Programs offer consultation on a variety of topics and for a range of purposes including:

  • Designing instructional programs for students attending programs in District School Boards.
  • AT/AD
  • Student assessment strategies
  • Conducting workshops
  • Providing assistance to classroom teachers and educational assistants

Upon request, consultants are available to visit District School Boards within Ontario. While visiting a school, consultants may see individual students, consult with staff and/or provide workshops and in-service programs. A referral process is in place for individual students to be seen by resource consultants.

Student focused consultations

In order to access consultative services for specific students the following information is typically requested:

  • Referral form signed by parent/guardian
  • Release of Information form for permission for receipt and release of information
  • Diagnostic information
  • Medical report providing the specific diagnosis
  • Individual Education Plans
  • Any other reports considered pertinent

Consultants typically will spend from one-half to one full day in the classroom. A brief meeting between the teacher and the consultant prior to student observation will provide the consultant with information of the teachers’ concerns. It is typical for consultants to:

  • Gather and collect data while observing the student
  • Observe and record the student’s interactions with peers and staff
  • Withdraw the student from the classroom

Following the visit a summary report is written. Consultants are available to attend team meetings in order to share recommendations and observations.

Ontario Resource Guide for Specialist Teachers of Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Referral Forms

Please click the following link to download the referral package to request support from Resource Services and Outreach Programs, Deaf/Hard of Hearing Program: