Ministry of Education
Provincial and Demonstration Schools Branch

Residence Program

The residence program provides a structured and organized setting that encourages students to take responsibility for their environment. In this setting, the daily school program is supported in two ways; structured homework periods and social skills training.

Homework, when attempted under residential supervision, is a very effective reinforcing tool for students with learning disabilities. Students are assigned regular homework to reinforce organizational skills and good work habits. Counselors assist and monitor students’ homework, providing assistance as needed.

An equally important component of the residence program is the development of appropriate social behaviour through social skills training. Research about learning disabilities indicates that in addition to academic disabilities, most students have social skills deficits. Specific programs and goals are set in residence to address social skills needs. Counselors are actively involved with the students, parents and teachers to maximize the residential component of the program.

The students take part in a variety of activities throughout the year. Opportunities such as outdoor education, canoeing, skiing and hiking are provided to help students develop self-confidence and explore abilities in a safe and supervised environment.