Ministry of Education
Provincial and Demonstration Schools Branch

School Program

The Amethyst School provides an elementary and a secondary program. Provincial curricula are followed within a highly individualized setting. Semestered and non-semestered secondary programs allow students to obtain regular high school credits.

Class sizes range from five to eight pupils for most subjects. Teachers and resident counselors tailor a specifically designed program for each student designed to optimize social and academic growth. Our staff members work together and are in frequent contact to ensure that a consistent approach is taken.

Parents are involved as partners in the student’s progress. Open communication between staff and parents is an important part of the school program. Frequent written contact is made. As well, student program meetings with parents are conducted at least twice a year.

Teachers and counselors have a high degree of skills in activity leadership and behaviour management. When a student leaves the program, a transition meeting is held with the returning school to review interventions that were attempted and suggestions for maximizing the learning potential of each student. Follow-up is provided once the student returns to the school board.