Ministry of Education
Provincial and Demonstration Schools Branch



“The best thing about this school is the way the teachers present the information. The unique teaching methods used at my demonstration school, knowing how we feel, that it is difficult for us, are really important.  Also, the small class sizes really help.” – Logan

“You just have to try.  It might seem frustrating at first but in the end, it actually helps and it is a major opportunity – so absorb all of the time you have here.” – Damien

“Academically I have become much more independent.  I have lost the hopeless attitude. It has been neat to be just like everyone else and not the weird kid who has all these problems. Not being centered out has made me think less about it and finally be normal – I was just able to think about school…Socially, I am not teased as much. I think that I have better self-esteem.  It has changed me to be on my own away from home. My family relationships have all grown because of this. I think, on whole, I am more grown up and much more independent…. It seemed to be so long ago that my Mom and I worked on the application and now I was here.  Would this new school be able to actually help me overcome my learning disability or was I hopeless?  My mom said to never give up so I kept telling myself that.  Every day I woke up thinking I can do this” – Sebastien


“After 10 months at my son’s demonstration school, my son’s reading level is now at a grade 4 approaching grade 5 (from a grade one level).  He is now a functional reader. His written work, that used to seem like gibberish and was hard to decipher, is now legible. He uses capitals, punctuation, and spell check.  He passed the grade 10 Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test.  He still has an LD but now has skills, strategies, tools, and technology to help him bridge the gap and perform like a “regular” kid. “

“Our daughter has never forgotten the important skills she learned as a student at the demonstration school and for that we owe the school a huge debt of gratitude.  As parents, we couldn’t be happier.  She is fully independent, has a meaningful career and she is happy!  She is yet another demonstration school success story.”