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For Admissions Criteria, please refer to R.R.O. 1990, Reg. 296: ONTARIO SCHOOLS FOR THE BLIND AND THE DEAF –


Those students seeking a residential placement at a Provincial School for the Deaf first need to meet the above Admission’s Criteria.

The Superintendent will determine residential admission if:

The student:

  1. is five (5) years of age as of December 31st of the year of admission.
  2. resides more than 115 km or 70 minutes from the Provincial School for the Deaf for which a request for admission has been made.
  3. has social, emotional, physical or medical needs which can be met within a residential setting.
  4. meets all school eligibility requirements.


  1. The student must register in their home school, in the board in Ontario for which they qualify as an Ontario resident pupil.
  2. An Identification, Placement, and Review Committee (IPRC) meeting shall be held by the board, and the IPRC must recommend that the student be placed in a Provincial School for the Deaf. Our educational consultants from the area Provincial School would attend such meetings, upon request.
  3. The parent of the student, or if over eighteen (18) years of age, the student themselves shall sign the Statement of Decision indicating agreement with the IPRC recommendation. They will then contact their area Educational Consultant, and investigate a possible placement in a Provincial School for the Deaf.
    • The board shall provide to the Provincial Schools Central Admissions Committee a copy of the IPRC statement, indicating recommended placement at a Provincial School for the Deaf.
    • When a school board, or school authority considers admission of a student to a Provincial School for the Deaf, the board should request that our Educational Consultant serving their area visit, observe and assess the student. The consultant will help to determine whether any further assessment or observations by board staff, Provincial School staff or other consultants would facilitate the admissions process. In some situations, further assessments by outside health professionals such as physicians, psychologists, audiologists, and physio / occupational therapist may be recommended.
  4. Once the application for admission, and all necessary documents are received by our Admissions Chair and/or Coordinator, the Provincial Schools Central Admissions Committee will consider the student’s application, and make their recommendation to the Superintendent.
  5. Admission may be deferred, depending upon available space in the classroom program and/or residence. These are factors to consider when determining the student’s start date.


From decisions regarding Admission:

  1. The Superintendent, the parent of an applicant or an applicant who is eighteen (18) years of age or over may request in writing that the Minister of Education appoint a committee to hear and decide any question concerning the eligibility for admission of the applicant.
  2. Upon receipt of a request, the party will be sent a letter setting out the process for the hearing of an appeal.

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