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Principal’s Message

E.C. Drury Secondary

The World Wide Web is one of the most effective communications technologies today. It is my hope that our school website will expand opportunities for our parents to communicate with the school and become more informed about the education our students are getting. Our school website will build links between businesses, families, and the school, and will enable us to reach many people outside of the school’s community. We will share information such as: our school contact information; our school’s history, mission and vision; our school updates (e.g. school events, announcements of upcoming parent-teacher conferences, and holidays among others), useful Educational resources, school schedules, and other tips or information pieces.

One of our goals for our school website is to greatly eliminate barriers in involving parents in school. We hope that you find it useful to be informed. With us providing relevant information, you as parents can save on time and money usually required on face-to-face communication. Besides being informed, please use our website to provide feedback to us.

Thank you for visiting and come again soon!

Arnold Potma (Principal)

E.C. Drury Elementary

The Ministry of Education and the Provincial Schools Branch are committed to promoting student achievement and wellbeing of all Deaf and Hard of Hearing students in Ontario by ensuring that they develop a consistently high standard of literacy and numeracy skills within the education system.

Human dignity is promoted when optimal academic learning environments are created using effective research-based, and asset-based pedagogical practices that respect multicultural diversity and intersectional ties. These academic bilingual-bi-literacy learning environments are where Deaf students achieve complex literacy and numeracy skills in ASL and English through the use of critical, metalinguistic and metacognitive thinking skills and apply these skills to other contexts.

It is essential that we maintain collaborative dialogues through the use of the critical asset lens to focus on strategies to improve achievement and well-being for every student in the Provincial school. It truly takes a whole “school, parents, and community village” mind-set to ensure high quality education for our students.

Please know that I look forward to working with you all in ways that respect equity and diversity in order to ensure that Deaf students continue to receive support in their journeys. This will ensure that our students receive excellence in their education.


The goals for the elementary program are:

  • To provide an educational environment that ensure that students achieve high levels of academic performance in ASL and English literacy and numeracy;
  • To create a safe, caring and respectful environment within our school that is supportive of student dignity, learning and their well-being;
  • To continue to deliver Ministry initiatives in numeracy and literacy to meet the needs of our students;
  • To continue to use assessment to inform pedagogical practices through the asset lens in order to support student achievement in ASL and English literacy and numeracy.

Heather Gibson (Principal)