Ministry of Education
Provincial and Demonstration Schools Branch

Visual Media and Graphic Art


Under this specialization, students will be expected to focus on one of the three disciplines (Visual, Media or Graphic Arts) in which to develop their skills and experience. The pre-requisites for this specialization are: (a) Grade 10 Visual Arts (AVI2O), and; (b) Grade 10 Communications Technology (TGJ2O). Students who complete this program will acquire above-average knowledge of design, and obtain marketable computer design skills.

Arts & Culture Sector Specific Occupations

Production Artist; Medical Illustrator; Art Therapist; Web Master; Computer Graphics (CG) Operator; Computer Animator.

For more career related information, please visit the Ontario Skills Passport website: and search “The Database”.

Certification and Training

All SHSM student will complete mandatory certification in: First Aid; CPR; WHMIS and will participate in the Junior Achievement Program as well as a portfolio development workshop. Visual, Media & Graphic Arts students may also receive training in: Framing, Studio Safety and Digital Signage Development.

Experiential Learning and Career Exploration

Visual, Media & Graphic Arts students will assist with any computer graphics required in the preparation of broadcasts that will be televised on the local community television station. Job shadowing and work experience opportunities will also be provided for students. Enriched Field Trips will supplement class assignments. The Toronto International Deaf Film and Arts Festival (TIDFAF), The Deaf Cultural Center and GE Canada are committed participants in all SHSM programs at The Ernest C. Drury School For The Deaf.

“Reach Ahead” Opportunities

Visual, Media & Graphic Arts students will participate in annual field trips and visitations to post secondary options including tours of Sheridan College, the National Institute For The Deaf (NTID) / Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and Gallaudet University

Co-op Education

Visual, Media & Graphic Arts students must take two credits in Co-op Education and will be placed in appropriate settings.

All Visual, Media & Graphic Arts students will be involved in the painting of sets and the production of promotional and printined material for school-wide events. They will also develop computer graphics that will be used for televised broadcasts.

Required Courses

Grade 9/10 Grade 11 Grade 12
TGJ2O *BMI3C 2 Co-op
2 of AVI3M / AWJ3M / ASM3O 2 of AVI4M / AWJ4M / ASM4O TGJ30 / TGP3M / TGJ4O / TGP4M / TGG3M / TGI3M TGG4M /TGI4M

AVI: Visual Arts / AWJ: Visual Arts – Stage Design / BMI: Introduction to Marketing / ENG: English / TGJ: Communications Technology / TGP: Photography & Graphic Communications / TGG: Print and Graphic Communications / TGI: Interactive New Media & Animation

*These courses will include Contextualized Learning Activities (CLAs) that will cover expectations from the ENG / BTA courses and will reflect knowledge and skills relevant to Arts & Culture.

**Sample from the College Destination Pathway