Ministry of Education
Provincial and Demonstration Schools Branch

Mission and Vision

The purpose of the Provincial Demonstration Schools is to provide a specialized residential school program for students with severe learning disabilities whose educational needs cannot be adequately met in their local boards. The Provincial Demonstration Schools provide highly individualized instruction,
counselling, social skills and self-advocacy training to enable students to function effectively when they return to their home schools.

Consultative services and teacher training in the field of learning disabilities are provided to school boards to assist them in developing local programs for students with learning disabilities.

Our mission is based on the following beliefs:

  • Students are only admitted to Provincial Demonstration Schools when they are educationally at-risk and admission outweighs separation from family.
  • The Provincial Demonstration Schools provide our students with a sense of belonging which helps them to accept their learning disabilities and become confident learners.
  • Every student should have a clearly defined, individualized plan from pre-admission to re-integration and follow-up.
  • Students should be actively involved in the planning and implementation of their programs.
  • Our students are best served by a team approach involving the student, parents, teacher, residence counsellor, support staff, and the school board.
  • Student needs determine the teaching methods, materials and technology used in Provincial Demonstration Schools.
  • An important function of the residence program is to reinforce the academic program and assist students in developing organizational, self advocacy, and social skills.
  • Every student is encouraged and appropriately prepared to be involved in community activities.
  • Every student should have an opportunity to experience supported integration in a local school before re-entry into a school in their home community.
  • Our staff actively pursue professional development in the field of learning disabilities, including technological developments.