Ministry of Education
Provincial and Demonstration Schools Branch

Residence Program

The residence program provides a structured and organized setting that requires students to take responsibility for their environment. In this setting, the daily school program is supported in two ways – a supervised homework period and social skills training.

Research supports the practice of supervised homework as an effective educational tool for students with learning disabilities. Students are assigned up to one hour of homework each day Monday through Thursday. Students complete homework in residence at an assigned time and homework may be assigned on weekends, as required. Homework assignments can take the form of remedial practice of skills, a review of information previously taught in class and pre-learning for the next day’s discussions. Each day, students are responsible to record homework assignments in their student planners to enhance personal organization skills. Homework assignments are reviewed for completion and quality of work. Student support counsellors monitor and assist students with their homework.

Another significant component of the residence program is the development of appropriate social behaviour through social skills training. Research about learning disabilities indicates that, in addition to academic disabilities, most students with learning disabilities have social skill deficits. The student’s current level of social functioning and identified needs are used to design individual programs for students.

Throughout this process, students and their families gain an understanding of learning disabilities which in turn has the potential to enhance their life experience.