Ministry of Education
Provincial and Demonstration Schools Branch

School Program

Trillium Demonstration School provides an intermediate and a secondary level program. At the intermediate level, an individualized program is provided to each student. At the secondary level, courses are accommodated to enable students to work towards secondary school credits.

Classroom sizes range from five to eight pupils for most subjects. Upon admission, an individual teacher and a residence counsellor is assigned special responsibility for the establishment of an individualized program for each student. The primary teacher and primary counsellor co-operatively take a special interest in, and responsibility for, the academic growth and social development of their assigned students. The homeroom teacher and the primary counsellor are in frequent contact to ensure that a consistent approach is taken with each student for whom they have special responsibility. Parents are involved as partners in the student’s progress. Open communication between parents and Demonstration School staff is important to the success of our students. Weekly written contact is made by both teacher and counsellor as well as informal contact by telephone. In addition, parents are expected to participate in student program meetings at least twice a year to discuss their child’s progress. Student support counsellors provide additional support to students throughout the school day.

Teachers and counsellors have a high degree of skill in both teaching/activity leadership and behaviour management. An attempt is made through appropriate accommodations and modifications of the program to meet the academic, cognitive, social and emotional needs of all students. When a student leaves the Trillium School program, detailed transitional documentation is forwarded to the receiving home school.