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About Us

Our Community

Our school community is very important to us at W. Ross Macdonald School. Our doors are always open for students, parents, alumni, staff, blind/low vision and deafblind students in Ontario, vision teachers, educators, post secondary institutions, and community members, both in our local area, Ontario, and throughout Canada. We are happy to share resources, give tours and help in any way we can! We can share information about our Short Term Programs which are available for Ontario students, and the support available through our Resource Consultants, who are available to work with blind/visually impaired and deafblind students throughout Ontario.

What We Do

At W. Ross Macdonald School, we strive to provide an excellent, well rounded educational experience. We run a full academic program in both our elementary and secondary schools, have a wide range of extra-curricular activities, and focus on the Expanded Core Curriculum (e.g., one to one lessons in Orientation and Mobility, life skills, technology and braille). All of our teachers are specialist teachers of the blind or deafblind. Our classes are small and programming is individualized for each student, depending on his or her specific needs.