Ministry of Education
Provincial and Demonstration Schools Branch


Our Library is a comfortable place, where students can learn and access materials they need to be successful in their classes. It offers a selection of materials in various formats including Print, Large Print, Audio, Grade One Braille, Grade Two Braille, Print Braille and digital resources. Students are invited and encouraged to borrow materials for class use as well as reading for pleasure in the format that they prefer. As public libraries adapt to the changing needs of their users with the incorporation of technology, we have remained current and relevant to our students by providing resources that reflect and encourage forward thinking. Library programming offers experiential learning opportunities, encouraging students to make real life connections with the subject of their reading.

The library catalog is available from school or home at Our library’s physical space features two computer labs, one designed as a traditional lab and the other set up for small group learning with personal technology. The library lighting has been customized with a dimming system which enables students to set the lighting that is best suited for their level of vision. Offering a variety of seating options for secondary students from couches to cafe tables, elementary students also have a space designated for story time. Our library is a place for students to collaborate and communicate in a relaxed atmosphere.

The WRMS Library centralizes services for students including the offices of the Librarian, Braille teacher, Student Success Teacher, Guidance Counselor and Social Worker. Students can access the services they need within one comfortable location.