Ministry of Education
Provincial and Demonstration Schools Branch

Student Lodging Program

One of W. Ross Macdonald’s most distinctive features is its modern, state of the art accommodations for students. Comfortable dormitories, apartment units, and detached homes are all conveniently located on campus and are available to students who reside beyond the limits of day travel. Students and their families work collaboratively with the school and lodging staff to accomplish academic success and support students along their path to reaching their academic potential, fueling their passions and achieving their lifetime goals and dreams upon graduation. With appropriate supports for each student, they are encouraged to develop a sense of independence and an increased level of responsibility, which prepares them for post-secondary education, as well as living independently within their community.

Each lodging student’s age and level of independence is considered when making a decision on placement. As the student reaches their goals, new opportunities and experiences are introduced which provide the students with encouragement to continue to obtain a greater level of independence and success. Every evening, students receive support with academics during a dedicated study hour. Lodgings and teaching staff connect to share information about what a student needs to work on and together they monitor each student’s progress and make adjustments to the learning plan as required. Study rooms are fully equipped with modern assistive technology and are available to all students.

At the beginning of each school year, Individual Lodging Plans are developed for each student, with input from the student, their parents/guardians, student support counsellors, and teachers. Goals included in these plans typically include independent living skills, orientation and mobility skills, volunteer opportunities, post-secondary planning, financial planning, community service hours, etc..

In the evenings, students enjoy a wide range of social and recreational opportunities as well as clubs, music, and sporting activities such as basketball, floor hockey, goalball, soccer, swimming, skating, skiing, hiking, and fitness programs. In addition, there are a number of community based outings and trips planned throughout the school year.

Students are encouraged to have regular contact with family members and friends by phone, email, texting, skype, and visits to the lodgings. Staff are in close contact with student’s parents/guardians on a weekly basis and parents are encouraged to call at any time. Parents are always welcome to visit the lodging to see their child’s accomplishments.

The School’s Motto ~ “The Impossible is Only the Untried” is extended into all aspects of lodging life.